By Catherine Dove 20 Oct, 2017

At TCB-Arrow we manufacture a huge variety of plastic products for multiple industries, from the medical and hygiene sectors to the aerospace and automotive fields. The versatility of plastic means it is imperative for the development of these industries and more, however one field that is not as recognised as needing plastic in its various forms is sport. 

Plastic sports gear has only been around for six or seven decades, but its success exponentially increased as its benefits became recognised. But why the change from leather to plastics?


The lightweight, shock-absorbing yet tough elements of plastic made it the perfect material for helmets; foam plastics can create the compressible layer on the inner of the helmet, whilst the tough outer layer of a helmet can be specifically customised for the sport it is designed for. 


Plastic eye protection is essential for extreme sports, its lightweight, transparent and nearly unbreakable factors perfect for preventing dirt, debris or weather conditions making many extreme sports possible. Even the stretchy, gummy material used to keep swimming goggles in place and waterproof uses plastic polymers.

By Catherine Dove 18 Sep, 2017

Plastic is an incredibly versatile material with a huge range of applications due to the multiple forms, textures and strengths it can take. There are many positive impacts of plastic on the environment that are generally unrecognised, so here are a couple of benefits that you may be surprised to hear:

The Automotive Industry

Metal replacement programs have drastically improved the fuel efficiency of vehicles, with the most efficient vehicles utilising lightweight plastics to deplete the vehicle weight. It is estimated that every 10% weight decrease results in a 7% decrease in fuel usage. The use of plastic in the  automotive industry  has not only benefited the environment but has also improved design potential, vehicle safety and vehicle life.


Plastic home insulation cuts a major source of heat loss, with polystyrene widely recognised as an excellent insulating medium. As a lightweight, rigid and cheap plastic material, it is a very immediate and affordable means to fight climate change. The results of a  Denkstatt study (2010)  showed that the total lifecycle of polystyrene insulation consumes on average 16% less energy and produces 9% less greenhouse gas emissions than other insulation material.

By Catherine Dove 03 Jul, 2017

We are very proud to announce that 2 of our TCB-Arrow team have recently completed the Help the Heroes Dawn Raid bike ride! Leaving Horseguards parade at 3.30am, they cycled a total of 100 miles finishing on Southsea sea front. The route took in the breath-taking Box Hill and travelled through Aldershot and even down the runway at RAF Odiham.

Scott Rowell (Mouldshop Manager) and Nick Wright (Project Engineer) have raised £652 so far! This is a huge achievement for a very worthy cause, so well done to them both!

By Catherine Dove 16 Jun, 2017

The TCB-Arrow team are excited that our new building extension has been completed!  It is 5,000 sq.ft.  and over 8m to eaves, making it a huge project which has been progressing from the beginning of the year.

With just the steel framework (below), we could start seeing the potential of the new space, and now that it is finished the extension is even more impressive than we could have hoped!

By Catherine Dove 26 May, 2017

When most people think about the silicone items in their home, kitchen utensils such as cake cases, spatulas and non-stick products usually come to mind. However, there are a range of unusual and unexpected items in your house that are enhanced by including silicone, constantly improving our way of life. Here are a couple of ways silicone makes its way into your household:

It’s literally surrounding you. Silicone is used in building and construction, able to bond materials such as concrete, glass, granite, steel and plastics, enabling them to work better and last longer. These silicone sealants can absorb pressure and movement within engineering, allowing for more innovative architectural designs. It also helps protect materials and joints from moisture, heat, corrosion, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, pollution and other chemicals.

You’re looking at or holding silicon right now. Silicone plays a huge part within the electronics industry.  Silicon is a semi-conductor, meaning that it can conduct electricity only in certain conditions and acts as an insulator under others. These characteristics make it an ideal material for making transistors that amplify electrical signals. Coatings for electrical products, such as keypads, keyboards and copier rollers, as well as the hard coatings for computers, facsimile machines, telephones and home entertainment equipment are all made from silicone.
By Catherine Dove 24 Mar, 2017
We are excited to announce that TCB-Arrow have joined the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust as an active corporate member. As a company, TCB-Arrow have always demonstrated a consciousness of the environment, both locally and globally. Through getting involved with the Countryside Trust, we have more opportunity to contribute to local environmental projects. As an organisation and individually, we are looking forward to participating in volunteer work parties and will keep you updated with any events that TCB-Arrow partake in.
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