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TCB-Arrow is a successful organisation providing components and assembly solutions in Thermoplastic and Elastomer materials. Developing long-term partnerships with Customers, where ideas take shape from concept through to high volume manufacture.

TCB-Arrow has been established for over 27 years with a proven track record in design, development, mould tooling and manufacturing. Read more...

Latest News

By Catherine Dove 15 Feb, 2017

The New 130 Tonne Thermoplastic/LSR Injection Moulding Machine!

 The TCB-Arrow team are delighted to have a new 130 tonne Thermoplastic/LSR Injection Moulding Machine delivered to their clean moulding workshop.

By Catherine Dove 18 Jan, 2017
We are excited to be working with a new Customer on a very original and fun project. For the last couple of months the TCB-Arrow team have been designing a new Thermoplastic Injection Moulding Tool for an In-Mould labelled Frisbee.   The In-Mould labels will provide decorative graphics on the Frisbees from dinosaur scenes to this great pizza design!   These labels are placed in the tool by a robot prior to injection moulding. This provides a high-gloss decorated surface that is very resistant to wear and peeling.
By Catherine Dove 29 Nov, 2016

Injection moulding  is one of the most common manufacture methods used to create an array of everyday plastic objects. The versatility of injection moulding means it can be utilised to create intricate and tiny mechanical parts, to huge objects and casings.

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